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Title 1/LAP
(Learning Assistance Program):

Welcome to this years LAP/Title 1 connection beyond the classroom.  These links will provide updates about our services, how you can support your student at home, and what resources might further their learning.  The student practice link will be used as an extended learning tool, they can access these links at home during any of those down moments during the winter.


Please feel free to contact me at any time with your questions, discoveries, or concerns.  I look forward to our services  beginning once our AimsWeb assessments are completed.  Updated student compacts and new parent permission forms should be arriving in your mail by the end of September


Take a moment to make a connection with any of the following links, as your student learning team we are excited to share and/or keep you informed about resources that will help your students success. 


Parent and Student Connection
website updates, calendar, educational links

 *Check the above link often for updates 8^)

Student Practice

MrsK (Kim) Shealy
Teacher Librarian and LAP/Title 1 Director

Green Mt Library 

Parents Partnering with Schools An informational sight to help you... help your student by partnering with your school!

Parent Program Review:  It's time for us to review our Title1/LAP services, please take a moment to share your thoughts:
Parent Program Survey
Simply click on the Parent Program Survey link and enter your thoughts.... once you click "Done" your thoughts will be saved!

What is Title 1 Services  & Washington State OSPI Title 1 Parent Link
"Books are the quietest and most constant of friends:
they are the most accessible and wisest of counselors,
and the most patient of teachers."  Charles W. Eliot


Green Mountain School District provides reading and math intervention for K-8 students who qualify for additional assistance.  Student eligibility across our district is determined by a series of screening tools, previous year testing, as well as teacher and parent referral.

Students in our Title 1/ LAP programs receive the benefit of instruction in small groups led by a teacher who specializes in reading/math instruction. Title 1/ LAP aides and assistants are in classrooms for individualized and group instruction.  Our students may receive a variety of interventions that include small group, individual, and tutoring assistance beyond the classroom.

Our Title 1/ LAP programs operate within a three-tier instructional model. The first tier is the classroom instruction with a collaborative relationship between the classroom teacher and the specialist.  The second tier is the small group and individualized instruction during the Title 1/ LAP period.  The third tier is with ongoing communication and development for all teachers and support staff using research-based curricula and aligned assessments as key components.

All services provided in Title 1/ LAP Reading are supplemental to the instruction of the classroom teacher.  Lessons are designed to assist our students by increasing their decoding and fluency skills.  We provide these students with additional support using small group and individual instruction.  Our goal is to provide students with the necessary tools to master the skills they need to become proficient grade-level readers.  We view each student’s needs with equal importance and strive to help them become life-long readers.

All services provided in Title 1/ LAP is supplemental to the instruction of the classroom teacher.  Lessons are designed to assist our students by increasing their accuracy and rate of computation.

At-home support is an important part of the Title 1/LAP program.  Even five minutes a day can help your child make strides in learning.   

At Home Student Practice Links:

MyOn Reading
Moby Math Practice

Reading Basics:

Dolch Sight Word Link:

Harcourt Reading-Learning Site:

Learning Up Grade (free trial):

Math Basics:

Math 1/2:

Math for Middle School:

Mental Math Games:

Parent Information and Support:

Parents as partners:

Empowering Parents:

Parent Internet Learning Sites:

Math tutoring (Homeschool site):

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