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“Kindy News”

week  2


This week’s highlights

 *  Queens of the Day were Elin, Aila and Olivia, King of the Day was Davin.

 *  Our sight word of the week was “all”.

 *  We started moving around for reading centers.  We travel from table to table doing different jobs.

 *  We were able to read with our 7th grade Book Buddies for the first time.  They will be coming to read with us most Friday’s.

 *   In Math we have been playing sorting games.


Continue the learning at home

Story Retelling

     Most weeks we will have a story on Friday afternoon that students listen to and then make props to help them retell it.  Being able to tell a story in sequence is a very important reading comprehension skill.  If your child is struggling to tell you the story every week please let me know.    

    Today we listened to the story of The Three Billy Goats Gruff.  If they get stuck you can help them by reminding them of the sequence of events.  The goats wanted to go up the mountain for the green grass.  The little goat crossed the bridge first “trip trap” and when the troll wanted to eat him he said that a bigger goat was coming.  The medium goat crossed “TRIP TRAP” the bridge and told the troll that the biggest goat was coming.  When the big goat crossed the bridge “TRIP TROP” the troll saw his big horns and ran away.

Today your child is bringing home our “reader” for this week.  This is a book that they can read by themselves using sight words and picture clues.  When listening to your child read this book please watch for the following “good reader” behaviors:  

  • Good readers sit up straight in their chair.
  • They have the book flat on the table in front of them. 
  • They point to each word as it is read with right and left pointer fingers together.

     After your family has had the chance to listen to your child read the story, two or three times, over the weekend, please return it to school in their folder.  Thanks.


Coming up next week

*  We will study the letters Ff, Ee, Dd, Pp Bb, and Rr; and we worked on learning the alphabet in American Sign Language (ASL) *   We will be starting to read our Kindergarten reader in small groups.

Snack: Clayton Redinger (This is a change from the snack list sent home last week.)

Things to note

 *   We are in need of parent helpers in the classroom, especially from 10:15-11:30 on Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays.  If you are interested please let me know.

 *   We will be having PE every Friday, please make sure your child is wearing shoes they can run in.

Place on your calendar


4          Sylvia’s Birthday

11         Hearing Screening

14         Olivia’s Birthday

23         PTSO Meeting 6 pm

            School Board Meeting 7 pm


8-10      Fall Conferences – Early Release 11:30      


Mrs. Kimberly Combs

Kindergarten Teacher, Green Mountain School


(360)-225-7366 ext. 306






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