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“Kindy News”

week 29  

This week’s highlights

 *   This week we had elephants, and Easter eggs in our sharing basket. 

 *   In Science we observed our tadpoles.  Thank you to Mrs. Syring for finding some for us.  We are having a really fun time watching them grow.

 *    We will start our Animals 2x2 Science unit after Spring Break by studying goldfish. 

 *   Miss Jackie came from the Ft Vancouver Regional Library to read stories to us today.


Continue the learning at home

Story Retell “The Lion and the Mouse”         One day a mighty lion was sleeping and a mouse ran over his nose and woke him up.  The lion decided that since he was awake he should eat the mouse.  The mouse begged the lion not to eat him because he was so small and in return he promised to do a good deed for the lion someday.  The lion told the mouse that something so small could never help him, but he let the mouse go because he was so brave.  A few days later the mouse heard a terrible sad roar and decided something must be wrong.  The lion was in caught in a net that some hunters had placed in the jungle.  The mouse gnawed through the ropes of the net and set the lion free.  So the lion learned that even something small can be helpful.


Coming up after Spring Break

 *   Our letter of the week will be Xx, our new sight words will be “who”, “down” and “want”.  Students may bring sharing items in Monday that have an Xx sound anywhere in them (i.e. a box or mixer would be okay).

*   After Spring Break we will begin to change our morning routine in preparation for 1st grade.  We will be starting the day with warm-ups and free choice activities will be available when students have completed their work during center time.


Mon/Wed Snack:  Eva Tapani

Tues/Thurs Snack: Lila Pegoraro  


Things to note

*   I am sending home the snack list for the rest of the year today

 *   We are in need of small to medium wood scraps.  Any that you could send to school would be appreciated.

 *   If you have younger siblings at home, or friends with children, who will be in kindergarten next year, please have them contact the school to register.


Enjoy your Spring Break!!


Place on your calendar


7-11      SPRING BREAK

15         Spring Pictures

            Life Online Parent Information Night 5:30

16         Parenting with Love and Logic 6:00 (6 weeks)

16-18    Spring Book Fair

22         Parent Nutrition Advisory Committee 5:30

23         PTSO Meeting 6pm

            School Board Meeting 7 pm

29         Spencer’s birthday

30         Title I and LAP Parent information Night 5:00


6           Title I and LAP Parent information 2:00

9          Kindergarten Round-up/1st grade Visit

16         Hunter’s Birthday

20-22    First Grade Readiness Testing

23-26    Memorial Day Weekend

30         PTSO Walk-a-Thon

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