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“Kindy News”

week  19

This week’s highlights

 *   Our sharing basket contained a Chex cereal, a chair, a cheesey shopkin, a hair clip and chickens.

 *    After testing things for sinking and floating last week, this week we tried to make a block of wood sink by adding paper clips to it. It took about 8 paper clips for the basswood block and about 14 for the particleboard block.  When we put the blocks in the balance scales the particleboard weighed more, but when we put the paper clips in with the blocks they weighed the same.

 *   We started the Math unit on numbers to 100 by looking at groups of items and estimating how many were in the group.  


Continue the learning at home

Story Retell

Sweet Porridge:  A young girl goes to the woods to pick berries so her family will have food. She meets an old woman who gives her a magical cooking pot.  When told to “cook, little pot cook”, it makes wonderful sweet porridge until someone says “stop, little pot stop”.  One day the young girl’s mother put the little pot on the fire and said “cook, little pot, cook” and had a bowl of porridge, but she couldn’t remember how to make the little

pot stop and soon porridge was flowing onto the floor and then out the door.  The little girl came running home and told the little pot to “stop, little pot, stop” and the porridge stopped.  And the whole village brought out their bowls and spoons and ate porridge together.


Coming up next week

 *   Bring sharing items on Tuesday that start with the letter Ii, our new letter of the week.  Our new sight words will be “is,” “how,” “of,” “so,” “may,” & “where”.  This is the beginning of learning 6 new sight words each week.  To keep up students will need lots of extra practice at home.

 *   In writing we will be making our 2nd little book to share with the class.


Snack:  Lauren Roberts


Things to note

 *   Speaking of 100, the 100th day of school should be Friday February 11th.  We will be having a celebration and each student will need to bring a collection of 100 small items from home for counting.

 *   Valentines lists are coming home today.  Addressing their Valentines cards is good writing practice.  Homemade Valentines are welcome and doing a few each day sometimes makes it easier for a student to do them by themselves.


Place on your calendar


1st         PTSO at 5 pm

2nd        Levy Meeting 7 pm

4th         GMS Library

5th         Ft Vancouver Library Storytime

8th         Lauren’s ½ birthday

9th         Sophia’s birthday

11th       100th Day of School

            Valentines Celebration

11-15    President’s Day Weekend

            NO SCHOOL

17th       GMS Library

18th       Ft Vancouver Library Storytime

23rd       School Board Meeting 7 pm



Kimberly Combs

Kindergarten Teacher 

360-225-7366 ext 306

Kindergarten Classroom Rules

 1.  Be a good listener

Follow directions the first time they are given

Raise your hand and wait to be called on to speak.

2.  Be a good worker

Always try and do your best work.

Clean up your area after work or play.

3.  Be a good friend

Keep your hands, feet and belongings to yourself.

Don’t hurt anyone on the inside (feeling) or outside (physically).



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