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“Kindy News”

week  19

This week’s highlights

 *   Our sharing basket this week held a picture of a helicopter and lots of hippos. 

 *   In Science we started looking at what happens when wood and water mix.

 *   In Math we finished working with plane and solid shapes.  Then we started to study the numbers 11-20.

 *   Today was another reading awards day   students were able to pick a star reader pencil for reading 25 books at home.

 *   We have been doing a variety of winter themed activities, learning about penguins, making snowflakes, listening to winter stories, sorting winter and summer clothes and writing about how to build a snowman.  Next week we will make snowmen to hang in our classroom.


Continue the learning at home

   Story Retell – “The Mitten”

   A little girl went into the woods to play on a snowy day.  She had on a beautiful pair of blue mittens.  As she was picking up sticks for her snowman’s arms she dropped one of the mittens in the snow. 

   She went into the house for some hot cocoa and her mitten was found by a small, cold mouse.  He thought the mitten would make a nice warm home and crawled inside.  Soon a squirrel came by and joined him in the mitten.  It stretched out but was still cozy.  Next a rabbit crawled into the mitten, then a fox and a bear.  Finally a spider wanted to join them, but they told him it was too crowded for even a spider.  Spider tried to wiggle in anyway and boom, the mitten stretch so far it was just pieces of yarn.

    Having finished her cocoa the little girl got ready to go back outside and realized her mitten was missing.  She went to look near her snowman but all she found was a little mouse with a blue hat that looked like the thumb of her mitten and a pile of yarn.


Coming up next week

 *   Letter of the week will be “Rr”.  Students may bring items for sharing on Tuesday.  Our new sight words will be “orange” and “four”.

 *   Wood continues to be our theme for Science. 


Snack:  Olivia Bankhead


Things to note

 *   On our math shelf we have a basket of plastic animals that we use for counting, sorting and graphing.  Students noticed this week that the basket is now only ½ full.  If you have some animals at home that may have come from the classroom you can return them at any time.

 *   For Science in a few weeks we are going to need small boxes, so that we can take them apart and look at how they are made.  If you have any empty boxes (poptart size or smaller) that you are willing to donate they would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks!



Place on your calendar


20th       Martin Luther King Day – NO SCHOOL

22nd       NED Assembly 11:15

27th       Clayton’s ½ birthday

27th       PTSO meeting 6 pm

            School Board Meeting 7 pm

29th       Conner’s birthday


12th       Valentine’s Celebration

13-16    President’s Day Weekend – NO SCHOOL

24th       PTSO Meeting 6 pm

            School Board Meeting 7 pm   



Mrs. Kimberly Combs

Kindergarten Teacher,

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