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“Kindy News”

week 31

This week’s highlights

 *   This week we had two boxes, and a mixer in our sharing basket. 

 *   Our mornings now begin with a warm-up worksheet that reviews both reading and math skills.

 *   On Tuesday we built our goldfish habitats and have spent some time observing and diagraming our Goldfish.  Next week in Science we will compare them to the guppies we have had in the classroom since September. 

 *   We started our Math unit on Composing and Decomposing numbers 11-19.  This means we are learning how to break them into 1 group of ten and some additional ones.

 *   Miss Jackie came from the Ft Vancouver Regional Library to share stories with us.

 *   Mrs. Jones was our guest teacher today while Mrs. Combs went to visit pre-schoolers.


Continue the learning at home

Story Retell “The Little Red Hen”

          The Little Red Hen decided to plant some wheat and asked the dog the cat and the duck if they would help her.  They all said “Not me!” So she did it herself.  When it came time to weed the wheat they would not help her either.  Nor would they help her harvest the wheat, grind the wheat into flour or bake bread from the flour.  But when the bread was done they all wanted to help eat it.  The hen told them she did all the work all by herself and she would eat the bread all by herself.



Coming up next week

*   Next weeks letter of the week is Yy and our new sight words are “make”, “funny” and “nine”.  Students may bring items for sharing on Tuesday.


Snack:  Joseph Piper


Things to note

 *   There still seems to be so much to do and it’s hard to believe there are only 36 kindergarten days left.

 *   For Kindergarten Round-up, while the students for next year’s kindergarten are visiting to see what we do in kindergarten, the kindergarteners will be visiting 1st grade to see what they will be doing next year with Mrs. Kimball.

 *   On June 5th we will be having a field trip that goes with our FOSS Science units.  This is also an end of the year picnic and both parents and younger siblings are welcome to attend.  More details will follow in a few weeks.


Place on your calendar


22         PTSO Meeting 6pm

            School Board Meeting 7 pm

25         Joseph’s Birthday


1          Kindergarten Round-up/1st grade Visit

18-21    First Grade Readiness Testing

22-25    Memorial Day Weekend

27         PTSO Meeting 6 pm

            School Board Meeting 7 pm

29         PTSO Walk-a-Thon

            All GMS Library books due back


4          8th grade graduation

5          Science Field Trip

8          PTSO All School Swim Trip

10         Last Day Spirit Assembly 10:15

            Early Release 11:30




Mrs. Kimberly Combs

Kindergarten Teacher,

Green Mountain School


(360)-225-7366 ext. 306






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