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“Kindy News”

week 5

This week’s highlights

 *   Our letters of the day were Uu, Ww, Vv, Xx, and Yy.

 *   We started learning about Fall.  Mrs. Combs put out all the fall books and our Book Buddies read some of them to us when they came today.  We made colorful leaves for our bulletin board and made a book about fall leaves.

 *   We started our unit on “Number 1-5,” and learned to write the numbers 1, 2, and 3, next week we will work on 4 and 5.  Our Math activities this week have been counting rhymes and songs “1 Potato 2 Potato” and “5 Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed.”

 *   For Art this week we learned about filling the entire space when coloring while we made a scarecrow that tells about us.

Continue the learning at home

    Story Retell – “The Star Coins”

     A little girl named Anna was so poor she had no home.  She wandered around the country looking for a place to live with only the clothes on her back and a loaf of bread.  She met an old man who said he was hungry and asked for some of her bread.  So she shared her bread with him.  She then met a little boy whose bare feet where cold and Anna gave him the shoes off her feet.  Last she met a young girl who was very cold and Anna gave away her coat.  Anna heard a rumbling and looked up to see the stars falling from the sky.  As they fell they turned into silver coins which covered the ground.  And she had all the money she needed for a place to live, to buy food and to help others.

Coming up next week

 *   We will be having Zz, Cc, Oo, Qq, and Gg as our letters of the day.

 *   We will be finishing up our pre-assessments, I will have information to share with parents at conferences.

Snack: Davin Tikka

Things to note

 *   I want to recognize the people who have been helping out in our classroom.  Helping out for our reading centers are Jennifer Weiker, and Chelsea Crumlich, there is still space to help out weekly on Fridays. As well as our helpers in the classroom, we have a wonderful at home helpers, Michelle Schmeusser, Christy Tormanen, Kristi Ek, Kara Coss, and Reni Pegoraro have been working on at home projects for us.  Thank you all, for your help and support.  If you are willing to help out at home just let me know as other projects will come up later in the year.

 *   If I have not received your conference form back you are receiving another copy today.  Please return them ASAP, so I can reschedule if needed. Conferences will be Oct. 8-10th.  Remember that Wednesday, Thursday and Friday will be early release days that week.

Place on your calendar


8-10      Fall Conferences – Early Release 11:30

24         Picture Day

Field Trip to the Pumpkin Patch  



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