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“Kindy News”

week  37

This week’s highlights

 *   This was a very busy week.  We finished the end of the year testing for report cards and are counting down the days until summer today was day 5.

 *   In Social studies we had a Weekly Reader about staying safe in the summer.

 *   In writing we have been writing stories, typing them into the computer and having them made into a book.

 *   In Math we have been reviewing 2 and 3D shapes.


Continue the learning at home

          Story Retell: No story retell because we were attending the middle school play and working on finishing our stories.


Coming up next week

 *    Monday – We will be finishing our stories, finishing our math unit on Comparing Shapes.  Finishing fast track lessons in reading.

 *    Tuesday we will have our end of the year math assessment.

That evening is the graduation ceremony for our 8th grade class at 7 pm.

 *    Wednesday – All School Swim Party at the Vancouver YMCA

 *    Thursday – We will be making take home bags of school supplies, signing autograph books, having our final reading awards and joining the rest of the school for an end of the year assembly at 10:30.  School will be released at 11:30.


Snack:  cupboard


Things to note

 *   As we use our various work packets for the last time over the next couple of weeks, we will be sending them home.  Please take the time to work with your child on any pages they may have missed or that we didn’t get to over the summer. 

 *   I have some left over math pages, if you are interested in getting some for your child to practice over the summer, you are welcome to come in and take what you want from the box.

 *   All school library books should have been returned by May 26th, notices for unreturned books are coming home on in folders this week or next.


Place on your calendar


14      8th Grade Graduation

15      YMCA Swim Party

16      Last Day Spirit Assembly 10:15

          Early Release 11:30



29      Ice Cream Social

31      First Day of School




Kimberly Combs

Kindergarten Teacher 

360-225-7366 ext 306

Kindergarten Classroom Rules

 1.  Be a good listener

Follow directions the first time they are given

Raise your hand and wait to be called on to speak.

2.  Be a good worker

Always try and do your best work.

Clean up your area after work or play.

3.  Be a good friend

Keep your hands, feet and belongings to yourself.

Don’t hurt anyone on the inside (feeling) or outside (physically).



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