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“Kindy News”

week 11  

This week’s highlights

*   Our sharing basket held an alarm clock, a crystal triangle, and a car.  Our sight words were “at” and “purple.”

*   We continued working on our unit on comparing and ordering numbers through 10.  We have also been practicing our ordinal numbers when counting on the calendar.

 *   As part of our Community Helpers unit, we learned about mail carriers this week.  Today we addressed an envelope to ourselves.  Next week we will write letters to be mailed to the helpers that have visited us.

 *   In Science we finished our unit on the 5 senses.  We did taste testing and identified objects by feel.

*   Miss Jackie came from the Ft Vancouver Regional Library today and read stories to us.


Continue the learning at home

   Your child is coming home with a new “Book in a Bag” book today.  Unlike previous books this is a book they have not already read in class.  This means they may have more or less trouble than they have had in the past.  I would appreciate any comments you can share and will use them to adjust what your child is bringing home. If you have lost your child’s “Book in a Bag” envelope, please send a note to school and we will make your child a new envelope.

   Story Retell – No story retell as Miss

Jackie was here from Ft Vancouver Regional Library for story time.


Coming up next week

 *   The School and Community Thanksgiving Feast is November 24th. We eat at 11:30, and families are invited to attend. Kindergarten students are asked to contribute a can of olives. The dinner costs $2.50 per person, please send money if your child or family will be attending, thanks.  Students may still bring a home lunch that day if you choose.

 *   We will not have any new letters for the short week but will work on the sight word “orange” and trimester testing.


Snack: Elin Schmeusser


Things to note

 *   Please be aware that if the sun is shining the kids will be outside for recess, even if it is cold. Please send warm coats, hats and gloves on very cold days.

 *   Students are coming home today with the results of our sight word testing for unit one.  Circled words are the ones they knew and the rest are words they should work on at home.


Place on your calendar


20              Ft Vancouver Library Storytime 1:00

24              Community Thanksgiving Brunch

                 End of first Trimester

25-27         Thanksgiving Break


1-3            Christmas Wishes

4               Teacher In Service Early Release

11              Report Cards come home

17              Winter Program 7 pm

19-Jan 3    Winter Break

30              Henry’s birthday



Kimberly Combs

Kindergarten Teacher 

360-225-7366 ext 306

Kindergarten Classroom Rules

 1.  Be a good listener

Follow directions the first time they are given

Raise your hand and wait to be called on to speak.

2.  Be a good worker

Always try and do your best work.

Clean up your area after work or play.

3.  Be a good friend

Keep your hands, feet and belongings to yourself.

Don’t hurt anyone on the inside (feeling) or outside (physically).



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