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“Kindy News”

week  35

This week’s highlights

 *   In Science this week we got to investigate started studying our isopods.  Isopods have an exoskeleton and the most common ones are known as sow bugs and pill bugs.

 *   For writing we have begun writing our own stories and then typing them into the computer for publishing.  We will each get to publish 1 book and some people may get to do two.

 *   In Math we have been playing lots of games and doing activities to review both plane (flat) and solid (3-D) shapes.

 *   We worked very hard on doing a good job for our test.  Thanks moms and dads for making sure we were at school and ready.  Then we got extra free choice time to celebrate our hard work.

 *   We have started counting the days until summer vacation, today we started at 15 and counted backwards to 0.


Continue the learning at home

     No story retell this week as it was a short week and we were busy celebrating our hard work on our test. 

    Please continue working with your child on reading their “Book-in-a-Bag” books.  Those that have reached 75 have been pleased at the chance to choose a book to keep, those who have read more than 100 books are able to choose a book with audio CD or a storybook DVD.  There are only 2 reading award days left.


Coming up next week

 *   We are starting to work on our end of the year skills testing.  Please make sure your child is at school each day so we can finish in time for report cards.

 *   We will continue to looking at consonant blends.  Students may bring something for sharing that starts with fr, fl, tr, bl or cl on Monday.  Our new sight words will be “love”, “find” and “good.”

 *   All library books must be returned by May 22nd.  Please make sure they are returned so the library can start their inventory.

 *   I will be sending home a copy of the scoring for your child’s Readiness test in their folder next week.  If you have any questions or would like to see your child’s actual test please let me know by phone, email or a note in their folder.


Mon./Wed. Snack:  Lily Monks

Tues./Thurs. Snack:  Aila Stephenson


Things to note

 *   Students came home last week with the permission slip for our Forestry Field Trip on June 6th.  Everyone will need a sack lunch, and we have lots of space for chaperones, so anyone that would like to come is welcome.  We will be building wood and paper sculptures so if anyone can bring a hammer or two, that would be most helpful.  Thank you to everyone who returned the permission slip already.

 *   I am in need of family size cereal boxes, to make book boxes for next year’s class.


Place on your calendar


23-26  Memorial Day Weekend

30      PTSO Walk-a-Thon


5        8th grade graduation

6        Science Field Trip

9        Talent Show 1:30

10      Middle School Play 1:30

11      PTSO All School Field Trip

13      Last Day Spirit Assembly 10:15


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