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“Kindy News”

week  35

This week’s highlights

 *   This week we had a picture a stuffed animal and a tooth necklace in our sharing basket. 

*   In writing we worked on our class animal report about snails.  Then our book buddies helped us read a book about our favorite animal and find four facts to put in a report.  Next week we will write our reports.

  *   In Science our worms did not arrive so we will start to study them next week.  We will have both earthworms and redworms.

 *   Today for Math we took the end of the year test.  Next we will be working on review and a group of Step Up to First Grade lessons until the end of the year.

 *   In writing we picked what animal we want to write a report about. 


Continue the learning at home

     Story Retell - “The Lion and the Mouse”        

One day a mighty lion was sleeping and a mouse ran over his nose and woke him up.  The lion decided that since he was awake he should eat the mouse.  The mouse begged the lion not to eat him because he was so small and in return he promised to do a good deed for the lion someday.  The lion told the mouse that something so small could never help him, but he let the mouse go because he was so brave.  A few days later the mouse heard a terrible sad roar and decided something must be wrong.  The lion was in caught in a net that some hunters had placed in the jungle.  The mouse gnawed through the ropes of the net and set the lion free.  So the lion learned that even something small can be helpful.

Coming up next week

 *   Next week’s sharing will be anything that begins with an fr, fl, tr, bl and cl blend students may bring in sharing items on Tuesday.

 *   Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday we will be taking our first grade readiness test in the mornings.  Please make sure your child is on time and has had a healthy breakfast so they are prepared to do their best.


Snack:  Olivia Bankhead


Things to note

 *   Students will come home next week with the permission slip for the Science field trip and picnic.  Anyone who wishes may attend as chaperones, if you are interested please note that on your child’s permission slip.  Siblings are also welcome to attend this field trip, but cannot ride on the school bus.  Because of a meeting I must attend on Friday the 5th, the field trip has been moved to Thursday, June 4th


Place on your calendar


18-21    First Grade Readiness Testing

22-25    Memorial Day Weekend

27         PTSO Meeting 6 pm

            School Board Meeting 7 pm

29         PTSO Walk-a-Thon

            All GMS Library books due back


4          8th grade graduation

            Science Field Trip

8          PTSO All School Swim Trip

10         Last Day Spirit Assembly 10:15

            Early Release 11:30





Mrs. Kimberly Combs

Kindergarten Teacher,

Green Mountain School


(360)-225-7366 ext. 306






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